Working as a team of Physios, we can provide a comprehensive assessment of all factors related to your injuries, including those caused by swimming, running, golf, and cycling.

We may use video motor analysis to look at your patterns of movements in your sport, then we can explain the biomechanics and assess any muscle imbalances in length or strength that may lead to trauma or overuse injuries.

Musculoskeletal screening is a process whereby the sporting person is assessed using specific standardised tests and procedures to gain information on several areas of the patient’s physical makeup.

These will cover:

  • Joint range of motion
  • Flexibility
  • Core strength
  • Functional strength (sports specific)

The purpose of the screening is to highlight any previous injury and its effects on performance and conditioning, it also aims to highlight areas within the 4 categories above where the patient demonstrates inefficiency which could be a pre determining factor to injury.

It is therefore very much a tool for improving physical health and performance, as well as a tool for injury prevention.

The screening is divided into 3:

  • First, we carry out a detailed questionnaire looking at your history of injuries to relate the screening to those areas. We will question your activities and sporting habits from the equipment you use to your preparation and cooldown activities.
  • Next, we carry out the screening which will take between 30-45 minutes.
  • Finally, we advise you on a set of exercises to help address any issues found during the screening process.

Anyone can receive a screening assessment, from amateur to professional sports people, to someone who has been injury prone or out of sport or activity for some time and wants to get back to sport safely.

Musculoskeletal screening is a safe effective way of assessing the body for areas that can be improved. So if you are trying to shave time off your PB on your bike, improve your marathon time or you want to return or take up a new sport, screening could benefit you.

Start your journey to a healthier, stronger body today!


When you have an injury, we work with you to work out exactly what’s wrong and based on our extensive expertise and experience, devise a tailor made treatment plan to resolve the problem.


Once we have got you to a stage where you injury is healed, we then give you a rehabilitation programme to restore your strength and enable you to resume your sporting activities.


Are you currently engaging in sport but worried about getting injured in the future? Why not work with us so we can help get your body strong and supple to minimize any disruption to your exercise routine?