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Back Care

80% of the adult population suffer from back pain at some time in their life. 1 in 5 of these people lives with chronic back pain.

Yet gentle, effective exercise, delivered by a properly trained exercise professional, can often help with the prevention and management of low back pain.

This was underlined by the publication by NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) in 2009 of medical guidelines recommending that people with persistent non-specific low back pain should be encouraged to stay physically active and exercise.

GPs and medical practitioners are encouraged to refer patients, where appropriate, to properly qualified exercise professionals. Pilates is well renowned for being an effective way to manage back pain. Body Control Pilates has launched a new initiative that takes this to another level with Back4Good®.

What is the Back4Good® Programme?

The Back4Good® programme is a unique set of exercises designed to target many of the complex issues underlying causes of low back pain.

The aim is to help people self-manage their lower back pain and stay active. The exercises are designed to help control your movements and improve posture, increasing both the strength and flexibility of your back.

What types of exercises are in the Back4Good® programme?

The key focus of our class is to help you to self-manage your condition and keep you active. Our instructor is a Level 4 Advanced exercise instructor and back care practitioner.

Referral to the Back4Good? Programme

You may self refer or be referred by your medical practitioner. We will assess your movement and create a personally tailored exercise plan. You will be given ‘homework’ in the form of a few well chosen exercises to be practised in between sessions. We will go over the exercises carefully to make sure you are under the exercise objectives and to make sure you feel confident about performing them on your own and progressing them as you require. Sessions are held in very small groups and offer a structured exercise programme for eight weeks or you can opt for the one-to-one programme.

If your doctor, physiotherapist, osteopath, or chiropractor refers you to a Back4Good? Practitioner or if you enroll for the ‘Healthy Back’ classes you can have total peace of mind that you are being taught by a qualified professional. Where a Back4Good® Practitioner needs to liaise with your doctor or specialist they are equipped with the skills to do so. This will be done with your permission and in complete confidence as Practitioners are bound by a strict code of professional practice.

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