We are experienced Physiotherapists

What is physiotherapy?

Based on proven scientific and clinical research, it is the physical treatment of the body, by a qualified chartered physiotherapist, using a wide variety of techniques.

These involve hands-on gentle manipulation, mobilisation, massage, exercise and techniques. Your treatment is clinically proven to aid the body and its recovery and to help you recognise the causes of potential and actual injury. We can correct, improve and re-educate your body in order to prevent further injury and pain and bring you back to good health.

We specialise in

Full assessment and consultations

  • Resolution of neck, shoulder, and back pain including whiplash injuries
  • Fractures, Sports injuries
  • Relief of muscle, ligament, and joint pain
  • Foot and ankle problems
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Rehabilitation after an accident or surgery
  • Screening and prevention of injuries – sports, at work, or play

Whether you have a sudden injury or the slow onset of pain, our physiotherapists have treated thousands of people by helping to improve the link between the brain and the body and bring them back to full health.

All our physiotherapists are chartered and trained to a very high clinical standard. They have treated Olympic and world class athletes, professional sportsmen and women – including footballers, cricketers, rugby players and dancers. They are experts in body movement and structure, and understand how and why injuries and pain occur.

They are skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of our clients and are often asked to treat complicated problems that may have proved resistant to other therapies.

Start your journey to a healthier, stronger body today!


When you have an injury, we work with you to work out exactly what’s wrong and based on our extensive expertise and experience, devise a tailor made treatment plan to resolve the problem.


Once we have got you to a stage where you injury is healed, we then give you a rehabilitation programme to restore your strength and enable you to resume your sporting activities.


Are you currently engaging in sport but worried about getting injured in the future? Why not work with us so we can help get your body strong and supple to minimize any disruption to your exercise routine?