The Big Six Sports Injuries


Why put up with having an injury? Sometimes when you’re injured it’s too late! Prevention is always said to be better than the cure.

If you are considering taking up running, cycling, or swimming, why don’t you book in for a sports screening assessment to ensure you have all the advice and exercised necessary to make your chosen sport as effective and injury free as possible.


PHYSICAL CONDITIONING – Prepares the athlete’s body for sport and enhances performance. This includes warm up, cool down, flexibility, strength, endurance and power.

INJURIES – Identify, assess and report injuries early. This helps reduce the risk of injuries so that athletes’ performance can be maintained and improved.

If you have been injured before then you are much more likely to get hurt than an athlete who has been injury free. Regular exercises have a way of uncovering the weak areas of the body.

There are detectable and correctable differences in muscle strength and length that are fundamental to the development of almost all musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.

Detection of these differences, and correction before the injury has occurred, should be part of any injury prevention programme.

To help facilitate your recovery, we work to restore normal movements and allow you to move pain free.

By recognising some of the common threads of how individuals injure themselves, we can start to incorporate our injury prevention efforts into your normal daily activities, in a pain free way. The following are the two foundations that we use to reduce the risk of injury.

Many injuries are caused by weak muscles which simply are not ready to handle the specific demands of your sport; screening for muscle imbalances is the current cutting edge of injury prevention.

Here at The Partnership we work in both these areas, to restore you to normal quality movements for any activities you want to do.

Start your journey to a healthier, stronger body today!


When you have an injury, we work with you to work out exactly what’s wrong and based on our extensive expertise and experience, devise a tailor made treatment plan to resolve the problem.


Once we have got you to a stage where you injury is healed, we then give you a rehabilitation programme to restore your strength and enable you to resume your sporting activities.


Are you currently engaging in sport but worried about getting injured in the future? Why not work with us so we can help get your body strong and supple to minimize any disruption to your exercise routine?